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Division: (503) 235 3119 / Downtown: (503) 224 9236

Now Accepting Whole Pie Orders for Thanksgiving
A Thanksgiving Feast isn’t complete without homemade pie!
Each pie is $31 and comes in a refundable glass pie dish.
Our Seasonal Offering of whole pies for Thanksgiving are:
Heirloom Apple, Blackberry Raspberry Streusel, Classic Pumpkin, Salted Pecan, Chocolate Cream, Coconut Cream.


Cater Your Next Event with Lauretta Jean’s!
We provide handmade pie, quiche, & pastries baked from scratch each morning and delivered directly to your office or home. Complete your order with a hot, freshly brewed carafe of Stumptown coffee!

Fruit Pie {Seasonal Selection} / Cream Pie {Chocolate; Coconut}
{serves 8+} $31

Veggie Quiche / Carne Quiche
{serves 6+} $34

Biscuits & Pastries
Biscuits w/salted butter + homemade jamĀ 
Small Tray {12 pieces} $33 / Large Tray {30 pieces} $82.50

Savory HandPies
{6 pieces} $25.50

Mini Pie Sliders
{12 pieces} $30

Stumptown Coffee
{Serves 12; Includes cups & lids; creamer, sugar} $20

// Free Delivery on orders of $100 or more {within the Metro Portland area}
Catering Orders must be placed no later than 2:00 P.M. the day prior to your event. For catering orders, inquiries, & pricing contact: